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Trapela’ was the main Quail hunting system. By saying ‘Trapela’ exactly, we mean an entire team of people, which will hunt on a certain place including the way of hunting Quail. The most skillful hunter is the captain of trapela’s hunting.

When they arrive at the hunting place, the leader defines the positions of each one on the team. They form a kind of parallelogram, whose one side lined up two good hunters with the leader in the middle. There are strange names for each one of them and that’s why i mention this. The leader called “Kolitis” and each of the other two on the same line called “Azalikas.” Above any “Azalika”, at the long sides of the rectangle stands another hunter, called “Parazalikas.” In the same line ,inan other greater distance from the “Parazalikas” stands another hunter, called “The Wing.”

Even further, on the other two corners of the rectangle stand two or more hunters, called “Sparrowhawk”. In this position usually stand women and children. So we have the ‘Koliti’ two ‘Azalikes’ two ‘Parazalikes’, two ‘Wings’ and two mobs of Sparrowhawk. Each one of them holds the abstention.

When leader defines the hunting point, Sparrowhawk begin spreadn n’ manner so as to close the side of the parallelogram. Then, by making voices or whatever, they raise nested Quail in the bushes, catching them using their nets, while at the same time they chase Quail toward where the other hunters waiting to catch.

The hunting speed consists not only in the grip of the Quail net on the air, but also in untangling the bird from the net. They have bosom fo bag. One by one birds come alive in the pouch formed by the shirt. For some cunning is marvelous. For the most skillful catching Quails without abstinence is a piece of cake. Once they catch one,they give a shift in the bag and closing it in the end. After catching the second one, they low the net and unravel Quails from the net, sticking them in their shirt.

When Sparrowhawk reach the line of Wings they also join them. So do the Parazalikes until they reach to the leader’s line, where the first trapela’s hunting ends. Then, in the same way, the second follows and so the story goes on ‘n on. The distance between hunters is no longer than 4 meters.

The best trapela’s hunting consist action in slopes rather than straightening. Obviously Mani’s people are not limited to trapela’s technique hunting. They also hunt individually by their own net. There are also many women who are trained and treated the net wonderfully. They also kill Quails using guns.

Living Quails are send to Piraeus port and abroad in cages. Those who are dead they bloat them in jars and sell them or keep them for their home.

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